What is HIFU treatment?

HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, a new type of non-surgical, non-invasive skin tightening and lifting procedure. Unlike other procedures, HIFU treatment tones loose and sagging skin and lifts muscle, all without any downtime needed. The procedure uses high intensity focused ultrasound technology to stimulate the body’s natural healing process, leaving loose skin lifted and toned. 4D HIFU bypasses the surface of the skin, causing no injury making this treatment suitable for women and men with busy schedules of all skin types. HIFU administers the right amount of ultrasound energy at the correct temperature and depth of skin to target fine lines and wrinkles, and lift the skin as well as deep muscle underneath.

How does HIFU treatment work?

HIFU delivers focused ultrasound energy deep beneath the skin at an optimal temperature, allowing a natural wound healing process to occur. A process that creates new collagen fibers to blossom. This increased collagen causes the skin to bounce back to its once tight and plump youth, reversing the skin ageing process.
Here at Medix Skincare & Laser Clinic, our HIFU machine is different from others, as our 4D HIFU uses both micro and macro ultrasound technology to deliver focused amounts of ultrasound energy to precise patches of skin, rejuvenating varying depths of skin layers in a controlled pattern for optimal results. Using both 12- line cartridge, in conjunction with the single-shot pen, enabling us to tailor your treatment specifically to your needs. This also allows us to treat a wide range of skin conditions while causing fewer side effects and requiring little downtime.

What area can be treated with HIFU?

4D HIFU can be used for any area of the body to tighten skin and aid in a youthful appearance, however, it is most popular on the face, neck, and chest. These areas respond well to the therapy and are areas that commonly patients seek treatment for.

What happens during the HIFU treatment?

When you come into Medix Skincare & Laser Clinic one of our highly -trained therapists begins by assessing your skin and the area you wish to have treated. We then tailor a skin treatment plan so you can achieve optimal results. Before the procedure begins we adjust the level and depth energy settings, depending on your own individual goals and needs.
Then we clean the skin of all cosmetics and apply a conductive gel on the treatment area and gently move the handpiece over the skin, sometimes passing several times (if the skin condition is severe) transferring high intensity focused ultrasound waves into the deep layers of the skin. As the ultrasound waves reach the subcutaneous layer, thermal coagulation is created at different depths to stimulate the body’s natural wound healing response. HIFU encourages this natural process and formation of new collagen, providing long-term results with no downtime or scarring.
HIFU treatment can be slightly uncomfortable. Some people describe it as tiny electric pulses or a slight prickly sensation. The level of discomfort often varies depending on the client’s pain threshold and the area which is under treatment. You feel the prickling and warm sensation mainly in bonier and more sensitive parts, during the procedure. There is no downtime needed, once the procedure is done you can go about your usual activities.

Are there any contraindications for the treatment?

  • Heart condition or vascular disease
  • Wearing a pacemaker
  • Being a type I diabetic
  • Epilepsy
  • Taking Accutane or similar medication
  • Taking blood thinning medication
  • Pregnancy or breast feeding
  • Any injectable or fillers within a week
  • Cold sore or fever blister without premedication
  • Facial peels or waxing within 7 to 14 days

How many HIFU treatments are recommended?

The number of treatments depends on the area being treated, your skin response, and the results you want to achieve. For face and neck lifting, we recommend a course of 2 treatments with 6 moonths between each session and then maintenance treatments may be required to counteract the body’s natural ageing process.

What should I do before and after HIFU treatment?

  • It is best to stay out of the sun for the month preceding your treatment, as well as after treatment. If you know you’ll be exposed to the sun, make sure you apply a high SPF sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.
  • No other skin treatments should be undertaken in the three weeks preceding and following your treatment. This includes waxing, peeling, laser treatments and any kind of skin resurfacing.
  • Please ensure the area to be treated is cleanly shaven and hair-free for your treatment.
  • All metal and jewelry must be removed before the treatment.
  • Avoid vigorous workouts, saunas, and pools for a week.
  • Avoid hot water and hot showers for a day, and don’t use scrubs or AHA/BHA exfoliants on the treated area at least for 2 weeks.
  • Any skincare cream enriched with A, E and C will improve the results.

Are there any downtime and side effects for HIFU treatment?

The best part about this treatment is that there is no downtime and normal routines can be resumed immediately. Some clients may experience mild redness or swelling, similar to mild sunburn which will gradually recede after a few hours.
Minor swelling, skin tenderness or tingling for a few days to a few weeks is normal and it shows that the treatment is working deep within your skin.
In very rare cases skin numbness, welt and bruising may occur. This should only last for a short period of time and should not create discomfort.
Nerve inflammation may occur, but it is only temporary and will disappear within a few days to weeks after your treatment.

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